How to care Chinese Money Plant (Pilea plant):

How to grow & care Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plant which is also known as Pilea Peperomioides, missionary plant, coin plant, lefse plant, pancake plant, UFO plant, or just pilea is one of the most attractive ornamental plants which is famous for its eye-catching evergreen leaves. The maintenance process of it is much easier than other ornamental plants. But compared with other indoor plants, the Chinese money plants become rarer nowadays.

Even it is so much rare that you can’t get those plants near to you and for that reason, I will suggest you some plant shop from where you can get your desired Chinese money plant. Its rounded green leaves beautify your indoor garden and help to make your garden more cheerful and relaxing for your eyes. Chinese money plant is a very easy-growing plant and its propagation process is also easier, but the rarity of it in virtual marketplaces shocked us. No worry!!  In this guide, I’ll guide you and give all answers to your questions.

Botanical Name     Pilea peperomioides 
Common Name     Chinese money plant, coin plant, pancake plant,

UFO plant, Pilea Peperomioides

Plant Type      Evergreen perennial
Mature Size      12 inches tall
Sun Exposure      Bright indirect light
Soil Type      Well-draining, rich
Soil pH      6.0-7.0
Bloom Time     Spring
Flower Color     White
Native Area      China

Chinese Money Plant history:

The Pilea Peperomioides was first got in Southwestern Yunnan province belongs in China. Agnar Espegren, a Swedish missionary brought it from China to Europe in 1946 and then he share the cuttings of this plant with his friends and family and after sharing these cuttings for a long time it spread all over the world. As the plant was growing in CanShang Mountains in Yunnan so it is known as the Chinese Money plant or Chinese Missionary plant throughout the world.

Where to Chinese Money plant:

The best way to get a Chinese money plant is to request your friend or colleague to give you a cutting of his pilea peperomioides. But it is also true that you don’t get a well-known person near to you who will agree to give you a cutting from his plant. If you don’t get pilea in this way then you have to buy one plant from online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, etc.

Why Pilea Peperomioides is a money plant:

If you put a coin in the soil with your pilea plant consistently it will start to attract money. You can try to do this and if you earn a lot of money suddenly don’t forget to give your plant a gold pot or container as pilea like a gold pot.

Where to Grow and how to care Chinese money plant:


You can use different types of pots or containers to plant Chinese money plant. You can use a clay pot, ceramic pot, or plastic pot to plant your Chinese money plant.


Watering in your plants depends on the soil condition in which you planted your pilea. If your location is a sunny place then the soil losses its moisture content. Pilea peperomioides don’t like much wet soil, but also you should remember in mind that the soil must not be dried out and you should maintain the medium condition of moisture in the soil for your plant.


The Chinese money plant is a sun-sensitive plant because it has the tendency to grow its leaves in one direction towards the sun. You should not place your pilea in a place where it gets direct sunlight. Pilea peperomioides grow faster in the summer than winter season because it absorbs more heat in summer than in winter.

If you notice that the plant just grows on one side or in an incline position it grows its leaves then you should rotate your plant 2 to 3 times each week.


To plant pilea peperomioides you should prepare your soil properly. Before putting soil in the pot you should scratch the soil and also you should mix your soil with potting mix and orchid mix to make the soil fertile and purpose of ventilation. You can use Bonide systemic house plant insect control to protect your plant from insects and apply this insecticide in the soil near the root of the plant.


How to care for Chinese money plant:

For growing your plant to get the proper shape of leaves you should take proper care of it. You should not place your plant in direct sunlight in the summer season because if you do so it may cause dried-out leaves. You also should not give much water or water on a regular basis, rather it is good to give water to roots when the leaves look droopy. Bright sunlight is good for pilea plants but not direct sunlight.

You should prepare your container with a proper draining system. It is harmful to pilea to store water in its root for a long time. If you notice that the leaves are turning yellow and falling off then you should stop watering for 1 week. The pot should not be waterlogged and for this purpose ensure proper drainage system,

How to propagate Chinese money plant:

Propagation of pilea peperomioides is easier and you can propagate much quickly as it produces a lot of baby plants. When the mother plant grows properly you’ll notice that baby pileas popping up around the mother plant. The little pileas start to pop up with green leaves which are very small in size. If you wish to grow the baby plants there you can do it and if you want to plant those baby pileas in another container you can also do it by trimming the baby pilea from the mother pilea and then planting it in the new place.

Chinese money plant

AT the time of trimming the baby plant you should use a sharp knife and cut the stem at 2.5-3.5 cm down from the soil. Use the knife carefully, otherwise, it can damage the baby plant. Then after removing the baby pilea from the mother pilea plant it into fresh, moist soil and you get another baby plant soon. In such a way, you can make a family of this plant and can increase this family member.

How to feed Chinese money plant:

You should notice the growth of your Chinese money plant so that you can check if it needs external nourishment/ feeding or not. If you feel that your plant need nutrient then you should feed your pilea once each month and for feeding you can use general indoor houseplant feed. You should not feed much to your plant as it can cause softening of the leaves of your plant.

Repotting your Chinese money plant:

You can repot your Chinese money plant in other seasons except spring and summer. You should repot the plant in its growing period and when the sunlight is sufficient for the plant. Try to repot your plant after 8 to 10 months age of it. Repot it in a larger pot so that it will be ensured that your plant gets enough space to grow and you’ll notice that the leaves are more round-shaped and deep green colored.

Where should I put my Chinese money plant?

The placement of your Chinese money plant is much important to get the best output from the plant. Ensure that your plant gets bright indirect sunlight. Some places are recommended for placing pilea plants and those are windows sides, kitchen sides, and balconies where the plant can get its best-suited place.

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